Results of the World Cup Speedskating Contest 2002-2003


The winner of the World Cup Speedskating Contest 2002-2003, and honored with the virtual Nils Lid Hjort trophy and eternal fame and glory IS:


Jos settled his win at the WSD Berlin, where he also was the event winner.
Before the WSD Jos was trailing by 90.5 points on Arnt Olaf. His WSD showed no weaknesses, while his opponents all had one or two.
Jos took over command after the 5000m men last friday, and since then his team was overall so strong that nobody overtake him.
As Jos indicated, decisive factor for him was Cindy Klassen; while most of his opponents had her has 1500m skater, where she only became 10th, and so lost a lot of WCSC value. Jos had cheap Bajanova, so didn't lose anything there and so was therefore to cash in with his relatively expensive skaters like Wennemars (2x) and Gretha Smit, while Cindy stepped up again at the 1000m with a bronze.

Jos played with the following teams:
1st period until SLC: 1239 points, rank 6
Carpenter - Wennemars - Timmer -Zhurova
Lalenkov - Boden - Klassen - Jenita

2nd period Baselga - H'veen: 1039.5 points, rank 1
Kato - Nijenhuis - Garbrecht - Garbrecht
Lalenkov - de Jong - Groves - Gretha

3rd period; WSD: 1122 points, rank 1
Wennemars - Wennemars - Wang - Klassen
Lalenkov - de Jong - Bajanova - Gretha

Ranks per event:
Hamar WC: 8,       24 points behind Rune
Erfurt WC: 8, Total: 1,      equal with Irene P.
H'veen I WC:10, Total: 9, 21 behind Arnt Olaf
Nagano WC: 38, Total: 6, 62 behind Arnt Olaf
Haerbin WC: 15, Total: 5,107 behind Arnt Olaf
SLC WC: 50, Total: 6,146 behind Arnt Olaf
Baselga WC: 5, Total: 5,108 behind Arnt Olaf
Inzell WC: 1, Total: 3, 49 behind Anrt Olaf
H'veen F WC:16, Total: 3, 90,5 behind Arnt Olaf
WSD Berlin: 1, Total: 1,134,5 in front of Marcel

A reasonable start, losing it a bit with the first sprint team, but a steady top 10 position all the way, and a tremendous sprint at the end of the season!

Jos is the first competitor now who won the WCSC twice! (and the only Dutchman who ever won) Quite unique if you realize how hard is is to become the winner, one fall or 'no show' of a skater and you're out.
WCSC ranks in previous seasons: 2001: 1st, 2002: 12th


Newbee Marcel had a slow start, and had a hopeless 85 th rank after H'veen I. But once he got the hang of it, he was climbing the ranks continuously like never seen before.
He achieved several day- and World Cup wins on his way up, with his almost perfect first sprint team, all the way up to 2nd place after SLC.
From then on he kept his chances to pass leader Arnt Olaf, but his reasonable WSD team delivered him the silver.

Marcel played with the following teams:
1st period until SLC: 1282 points, rank 2
Kato - Wennemars - Zollner - Garbrecht
Tuitert - Postma - de Vries - Pechstein

2nd period Baselga - H'veen: 944.5 points, rank 17
Kato - Nijenhuis - Garbrecht - Friesinger
Lalenkov - de Jong - Groves - Hughes

3rd period; WSD: 1040 points, rank 13
Wennemars - Cheek - Wang - Timmer
Lalenkov - de Jong - Anschutz - Raney

Ranks per event:
Hamar WC: 45,   75 points behind Rune
Erfurt WC: 88, Total: 67,132 behind Jos/Irene
H'veen I WC:110, Total: 85,260 behind Arnt Olaf
Nagano WC: 1, Total: 29,187,5 behind Arnt Olaf
Haerbin WC: 2, Total: 11,177,5 behind Arnt Olaf
SLC WC: 1, Total: 2,103,5 behind Arnt Olaf
Baselga WC: 6, Total: 2, 75,5 behind Arnt Olaf
Inzell WC: 13, Total: 2, 36,5 behind Anrt Olaf
H'veen F WC: 47, Total: 4,143 behind Arnt Olaf
WSD Berlin: 13, Total: 2,134,5 behind Jos


An experienced predictor, organizer of the Ortygia tournament prediction championships. Was the defending WCSC champion, and won his 3rd WCSC medal (he already has the gold and the bronze somewhere stored at his attic, guarded by his cats).
Leader of a very strong gang of Norwegian predictors. Had a bit of a slow start, and also reached 2nd place halfway through the season, but lost a bit of ground at the last worldcups, but recovered with a top 10 team at the WSD

Ranks per event:
Hamar WC: 28,   56 points behind Rune
Erfurt WC: 16, Total: 19, 40 behind Jos/Irene
H'veen I WC: 8, Total: 10, 39 behind Arnt Olaf
Nagano WC: 25, Total: 7, 64,5 behind Arnt Olaf
Haerbin WC: 6, Total: 2, 79 behind Arnt Olaf
SLC WC: 25, Total: 2,103,5 behind Arnt Olaf
Baselga WC: 15, Total: 3, 86,5 behind Arnt Olaf
Inzell WC: 45, Total: 6,102,5 behind Anrt Olaf
H'veen F WC: 33, Total: 7,181,5 behind Arnt Olaf
WSD Berlin: 8, Total: 3,141 behind Jos / 6,5 behind Marcel

WCSC ranks in previous seasons: 2000: 3rd, 2001: 24th 2002: 1st

4 Sveinung Hem nor 3233,5

Steady in the top five the whole season since Erfurt, was tied at the number 1 position after H'veen I. Lowest position: 12.
Best World Cup: H'veen I, 1st. Just missed the bronze after the WSD, when Lars passed him with a better team.
WCSC ranks in previous seasons: 2002: 18th

5 Arnt Olaf Stillerud nor 3215

Oooh my, during the whole season Arnt Olaf dominated the ranks and was able to counterattack several attacks from his opponents. He occupied the leading position for 7 consecutive world cups.
Lead was 90.5 points on his big rival Jos just before the WSD. Again, like 2 seasons ago, A.O. lost it at the end, and dropped out of the medals. 4 members of his WSD team disappointed, and didn't perform like earlier in the season. Arnt Olaf needs to work hard at his peaking.
A.O. is also the number one celebrity. Norwegian sub top skater, once contender at the JWCh, this season taking a brake.

WCSC ranks in previous seasons: 2001: 2nd, 2002: 24th

6 Kees de Vroege ned 3207,5

Your own scorekeeper and webmaster. Hopeless season start, 84th after Erfurt. Since then slowly crescendo to finally finish it off with a tied WSD win in Bob de Jong style ;-). Also won Inzell(tied)
4th top 10 position in 5 seasons;

1999: 3rd, 2000: 2nd, 2001: 6th, 2002: 13th

7 Joe Gier usa 3192,5

Experienced predictor, able even to predict Dutch championships in the right order. Best non norwegian or dutchman with a clear margin.
Was 3rd after Erfurt, since then dropping outside the top 20, but came back in the top 10 with a 2nd place at Hveen F and with a bronze in Berlin.
Also 4th top 10 position in 5 seasons;

1999: 5th, 2000: 5th, 2001: 3rd, 2002: 55th

8 Tom Nieuwenstein ned 3138,5

2nd best newbee after Marcel. Entered the top 10 after Inzell. Lowest position: 33rd at the season start in Hamar, highest 7th. Best event: Inzell (tied) winner.

9 Kees van Vugt ned 3125

Kees the 2nd also a slow starter, outside the top 20 till Inzell, but with a good finish able to enter his usual top 10 position.
Best event: Inzell (tied) winner.
4 participations, and 4th consecutive top 10 position:
2000: 4th, 2001: 8th, 2002: 8th

10 Dick Beekman ned 3102,5

As the number 6 to 9 also a good finish of the season to finally grab the top 10 to kicking out Carool, who therefore missed the honorable announcement at the skatelist.
Only 27 th after Inzell, best event: H'veen F 5th
First entry at our game.

Bart Veldkamp style season finish, all were kicked out of the top 10 after the WSD:
Carool: 8 to 11 / Axel Rode: 5 to 13 / Tore Jan Narvestad: 6 to 14 / Francis Stalpers: 9 to 19

Barrier of the red lantern, probably too busy with reorganizing the skatebase: Dirk Broer, 167th with only 638 points.

Day winners of the season:
Hamar day 1: Rune Stordal
Hamar day 2: Arnim Ruelas
Erfurt day 1: JF Lemonde, Paul Hanlin Jr, Paul Zomer, Lybrich Kramer
Erfurt day 2: Piet Kuiper, Joe Gier, Arnim Ruelas
H'veen I day 1: Sten Claessens, Eivind Lia, Even Wetten
H'veen I day 2: Piet Kuiper
Nagano day 1: Marcel van Dieren
Nagano day 2: Marcel van Dieren
Haerbin day 1: Marcel van Dieren
Haerbin day 2: Rik van Kesteren
SLC day 1: Marcel van Dieren
SLC day 2: Francis Stalpers
Baselga day 1: Piet Kuiper,Sten Claessens,Annet Lenderink,
Remco Knooihuizen,Michael Thorn,Maarten Dankers
Baselga day 2: JF Lemonde
Inzell day 1: Duco Kramer
Inzell day 2: Arne Skuterud
H'veen F day 1: Sveinung Hem
H'veen F day 2: Robert Koorneef
H'veen F day 3: Lars Finsen
WSD day 1: Remco Knooihuizen
WSD day 2: h0td0g
WSD day 3: Jolien Francken

Marcel van Dieren 4x, Piet Kuiper 3x, Arnim Ruelas/JF Lemonde/Remco Knooihuizen/Sten Claessens: 2x

Event winners of the season:
Hamar : Rune Stordal
Erfurt : Arnim Ruelas
H'veen I : Arnt Olaf Stillerud,Tore Jan Narvestad,Sveinung Hem,Axel Rode
Kjell Pettersen,Hans Tveitereid,Odd Borgersen (all NOR!)
Nagano : Marcel van Dieren
Haerbin : Rik van Kesteren
SLC : Marcel van Dieren
Baselga : Sten Claessens,Remco Knooihuizen,Michael Thorn,Maarten Dankers
Inzell : Kees de Vroege,Jeremy,Tom Nieuwenstein,Axel Rode,Arne Borgersen,
Kees van Vugt,Irene P,Jos Kloppenborg,Reidar Borgersen,Odd Borgersen
H'veen F : Diana Blagdan
WSD : Kees de Vroege,Jos Kloppenborg

Marcel van Dieren, Jos Kloppenborg, Kees de Vroege, Axel Rode: 2x

Where is the top 5 from last year?
1. Lars Finsen: #3
2. Odd Borgersen: #23 (was #1 after H'veen I)
3. Marnix Koolhaas: did not participate
4. Francis Stalpers: #19 (in the top 10 till WSD, 5th after SLC)
5. Irene Postma: #33 (leader after Erfurt, unlucky 2nd part of season)

Some special rankings:

Lady coaches:
1 (16) Diana Blagdan ned 3021
2 (20) Jenny de Jong ned 2995,5
3 (26) Mari Hemmer nor 2886,5
4 (28) Marleen Vriezen ned 2858,5
5 (32) Jolien Francken ned 2807
6 (33) Irene Postma ned 2795
7 (35) Suzan v.d. Belt ned 2770
8 (38) Hilde R. Pedersen ned 2745
9 (39) Mijke Keijl ned 2729,5 (not sure if this is a lady name)
10(46) Skatie ned 2665,5

Best allround coaching:
1 Jos Kloppenborg ned 1760
2 Odd Borgersen nor 1730
3 Axel Rode nor 1715
4 Sveinung Hem nor 1701
5 Carool van Kesteren ned 1674
6 Marleen Vriezen ned 1665
7 Lars Finsen nor 1664
8 Michael Thorn ned 1616
9 Kjell Pettersen nor 1611
10 Eric Lepelaar nor 1604

Best sprint coaching:
1 Marcel van Dieren ned 1787
2 Kees de Vroege ned 1762.5
3 Nils Meland nor 1657,5
4 Jos Kloppenborg ned 1640,5
5 Arnt Olaf Stillerud nor 1632
6 Marcel Warnaar ned 1624
7 Lars Finsen nor 1613,5
8 Joe Gier usa 1603,5
9 Kees van Vugt ned 1593
10 Tom Nieuwenstein ned 1535,5

Best coaching of Lady skaters:
1 Vtipil & Zeepova cze/nl 1733,5
2 Irene P ned 1715,5
3 Kjell Pettersen nor 1699,5
4 Arnt Olaf Stillerud nor 1681
5 Tore Jan Narvestad nor 1646
6 Hilde R. Pedersen nor 1644
7 Marcel Warnaar ned 1640
8 Jos Kloppenborg ned 1635,5
9 Kees van Vugt ned 1625,5
10 Reidar Borgersen nor 1592

Best coaching of Men skaters:
1 Diana Blagdan ned 2062,5
2 Dick Pluim ned 2014,5
3 Francis Stalpers ned 1986
4 Cor-Jan Stoppelenburg ned 1933
5 Lars Finsen nor 1924,5
6 Marleen Vriezen ned 1905
7 Sten Claessens aus 1895,5
8 Rob Lenderink ned 1876
9 Eric Fredriks ned 1867,5
10 Kees de Vroege ned 1853,5

This year the WCSC organising team was very honored and proud that so much speedskating celebrities lowered themselves to join our game, and some of even have been participating themselves at the World Cups.
It won't be long until it is possible to generate a team that contains WCSC coaches only;-)

So here the celebrity ranking:
1 (5) Arnt Olaf Stillerud nor 3215
2 (23) Odd Borgersen nor 2951
3 (26) Mari Hemmer nor 2886,5
4 (31) Reidar Borgersen nor 2830,5
5 (38) Hilde R. Pedersen nor 2745
6 (50) Jan van Oosterom ned 2608
7 (56) Vtipil (&Zeepova) cze 2557
8 (68) Kent Kolnes nor 2424,5
9 (73) Rune Stordal nor 2321
10 (74) Arne Skuterud nor 2307
11 (79) Edel Therese Høiseth nor 2249
12 (80) Tor Snarre Bakke nor 2230
13 (81) Even Wetten nor 2217,5
14 (83) Dustin Johnston can 2169
15 (85) Katrin Mattscherodt ger 2167
16 (87) Patrick Seltsam none 2156,5
17 (90) Vidar Lutnæs nor 2120,5
18 (96) Halvard Nyquist nor 2074
19 (109) Eric Kraan mex 1957
20 (133) Kent Robin Johannessenor 1685,5
21 (149) Martin Angerer aut 1413,5
22 (153) Eivind Lia nor 1346
23 (162) Øystein Grødum nor 1118
+ one coach that likes to stay anonymous.

That was all for the record breaking WCSC season 2002-2003, see you back next year.