Welcome to the World Cup Speedskating Contest
the 22nd Edition 2019-2020

Did you ever want to be a Leen Pfrommer, Peter Mueller or Jac Orie? Did you ever disagree with the selections by the national skating unions? Did you ever want to be a sponser with millions of eurodollars to contract your favorite skaters?

Well here's your chance:

For the 22th consecutive season you can join the World Cup Speedskating Contest!

We invite you to join our Manager Game. You select a team of 8 individual skaters that compete for you at the WorldCups, the World Championchips Sprint, Allround and Single Distances.
Your skaters will compete on the classical distances only, absolutely no Trivial Pursuit, no Massstart, no TeamSprint!
Yet our game that stays exciting until the very last race of the season!
A contest where you need insight in the skater's shape compared to the transfer sum and a little bit of luck.
A game where you might play against some famous names like Høiseth, Borgersen, Haugli, Warsylewicz, Schussler, Bøkko etc...

Deadline to subsctibe a team is Friday November 15th, 10:00 CET. (4 AM USA Eastern Time)

This game is organized by some members of the old international "skate" E-mail list

Another free nice skating game is: "IJsmeester"