Welcome to the World Cup Speedskating Contest
the 23nd Bubble Edition 2020-2021

Did you ever want to be a Leen Pfrommer, Peter Mueller or Jac Orie? Did you ever disagree with the selections by the national skating unions? Did you ever want to be a sponser with millions of eurodollars to contract your favorite skaters?

Well here's your chance:

For the 23rd consecutive season you can join the World Cup Speedskating Contest!

We invite you to join our Manager Game. You select a team of 8 individual skaters that compete for you at the 2 WorldCups and the World Championchips Single Distances.
Your skaters will compete on the classical distances only, absolutely no Trivial Pursuit, no Massstart, no TeamSprint!
A contest where you need insight in the skater's shape compared to the transfer sum and a little bit of luck.
A game where you might play against some famous names like Høiseth, Borgersen, Haugli, Warsylewicz, Schussler, Bøkko etc...

Deadline to subscribe a team is Saturday January 23rd, 11:25 CET. (5:25 AM USA Eastern Time)

This game is organized by some members of the old international Koeln-yahoogroup Skate E-mail list

Another free nice skating game is: "IJsmeester"