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Welcome to the World Cup Speedskating Contest
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Rules and Regulations concerning this SpeedSkating contest 1999/2000 by the board of refferees.
  • One has to choose, one skater (male and female) for every distance in the Worldcup. The total of 8 speedskaters represents your team during the coming Worldcup season. The points those skaters get during the Worldcup and the World Championships Single Distances are totalled and thus form your total points. After the Worldcup season is over there are double points at the World Championships Single Distances. The scoring system is explained at this page. The method of calculation overhere.
  • Subscribing is free, there's no real money involved in this game. is a very serious game. Players are called Coaches.
  • Entering a team in the contest is done via the Subscribe page format en sending the form as an attachment to Kjell Pettersen before November 10th 1999 24.00 hrs. Entries will be kept a secret untill shortly before the first World Cup race. Unless you yourself reveals them to the public via the international Speedskate mailinglist, off course!
  • The points your skaters get during the season are totalled and, at the end of the season, the person with the most points gets the professor Nils Lid Hjort award (as in eternal fame and glory ;))) for being the best coach in the season 1999/2000.
  • Of course, everyone wants a team with Shimizu, Søndrål, Ritsma, Wennemars, Timmer, Witty, Niemann and Pechstein. Therefore weíve made it a little difficult. Almost every skater that performed in the last season during Worldcup or Campionships has gotten a fictional cost in $. This cost is based on his/her achievements in the past season. A few skaters have gotten an extra cost because they suffered from injuries during last season or they decided to come out of their retirement right now.
  • One gets a budget of $20 million and you can buy skater for a total of that. You canít spend more than $20 million on your team. From your budget you need to spend at least 75%.

  • If you want to buy a skater that is not on the list, please contact the organization (no, Eric Heiden isnít for sale). If you buy a skater for, say the 500 meter, you donít score the points this skater gets on the 1000 meter. You can, however, put the same skater in your team on more distances, but you have to pay for each distance.
  • In the skaterslist you find, for every distance, the costs in dollars for every skater(F/M). But beware....there might be some skaters in the list that quit skating this summer. Read SpeedSkating World for the latest news on this. Or visit the Viking 87 site for other links that might give you some clues! Skaters that are not in the list cost $100.000.
  • During the season you can make changes in your team on two occasions. 

  • 1. In the period between Warsaw and Innsbruck. Team changes must be entered before Thursday December 9th 24.00 hrs
    2. Between Heerenveen and Nagano; entry date closure Thursday March 2nd 12.00 hrs. Changes work with the subscribe form as well. 
Example: Your man on the 500 meter is injured and you want to change him for a fresh skater. Youíll keep the points your, injured, man got so far and will start collecting points with the new man in the following Worldcups. Skaters that are changed give you their original costs back. For new skaters youíll pay the amount they wouldíve cost at the beginning of the season. Of course you still have to follow the above rules (you canít spend more than your budget, you have to spend at least 75% of your budget). If you make changes in your team after the above dates the changes will be ignored.
  • If a skater doesnít start on the distances heís in your team for, you wonít receive any points for that race.
  • Points in the B-group will be counted as in the A group of the Worldcup competition. Seeding points will not be counted.
  • If you want to participate in the skating contest you have to send your team before Nov 10th to  Kjell Pettersen. Everyone can send in one team (but no more than one).
  • In case of doubt the refferees (Paul Hanlin Jr, Kjell Pettersen, Kees de Vroege and Hennie van der Salm) will have the final word on every decision.In case the votes are even, the score keeper can also vote
  • The people involved in the organising committee: 

  • Hennie van der Salm, (NL), refferee
    Paul Hanlin Jr., (USA), refferee
    Kjell Pettersen, (NOR), refferee & entry registration till closing dates.
    Kees de Vroege, (NL), refferee, value ranking & score keeping controller;
    Carool van Kesteren, (NL), score keeper, statistics, analysis & web publishing. 
No part of this site may be used for commercial activities or any other use without permission of the owners. It is protected under the copyright laws of the European Community.